The 10-Minute Income Trader ™ Account

The account below is a real time case study of my popular 5-Year Retirement Plan. Actually, it's not 'my' plan. A millionaire showed it to me years ago and now I'm publicly letting people watch me implement it in real time.

It's a simulation of the path my wife and I took to become financially independent.

Summary of how we did it: high savings, prudent investing, and getting out of debt is what allowed me to retire early.

Did I say high savings? Many have tried to create wealth without saving, ALL have failed. There is no wealth without savings.

Hence, why most of the early "growth" in this model account comes from money I'm adding to the account (the savings). The rest will come from actual investment performance.

I started this case study on 5/31/17. My goal is to start with a $10,000 account, increase it by 60% each year, and then in 5 years I should have a 6-figure investment account.

  • Roughly 80% of the account is devoted to Buy & Hold + Low risk Options (Family Freedom Fund).
  • The other 20% is devoted to growth/income strategies (actively trading options in a low risk way).

Example: $10,000 account: $8,000 is used to buy a broad based ETF. The other $2,000 is used to trade options. That conservative approach is a big reason why I'm still trading options after 20 years while many other people have lost all of their money.

When it comes to options trading, there are more crashed and burned stories than rags to riches.

Yeah, read that last sentence again so you're not delusional about your odds of success.

Moving on...

Yearly Performance

[+] Year 1 (5/31/17 Start Date): 2017 ($10,000 grew to $16,000)

25.3% of the growth came from personal contributions and the remaining 34.7% came from investment performance.

[+] Year 2: 2018 ($16,000 grew to $25,634.36)

45% of the growth came from personal contributions and the remaining 15% came from investment performance. Also keep in mind that 2018 was a DOWN year for the stock market. I guess the buy & hold bigots are right, I am lucky (wink).

[+] Year 3: 2019 ($25,634 grew to $61,977)

[+] Year 3 and 2 Months (8-18-20): IT'S OFFICIAL: the account is currently at $101,919 so it took us 3 years and 2 months to grow $10K into $100K! Yayyyyy. See the video below for proof.

Current Account Performance

The playlist below covers my most up to date performance.

My YTD performance only factors in closed trades (profits I have booked). I don't count profit until I have actually earned it. Paper profits don't count as they can easily go from a profit to a loss. AND also please note: the S&P 500 performance 'excludes' dividends and my performance 'includes' personal contributions I made to the account.

Additional thoughts and disclaimer...

I was programmed to believe that I could never beat the market average and that I shouldn't even try. Sure, they had my best interest in mind and thought they were helping me. However, all they were doing was programming me with their limiting beliefs.

With that being said, you still shouldn't be impressed with the performance. I'm a small fish in a big ocean. If I had to move around millions or billions of dollars at a time my performance would be much, much, much lower than above.

I am also a benefactor of good luck and good timing. I FULLY expect to have a much lower performance moving forward.

Lastly, everything on this page is for illustrative, informational, and inspirational purposes only. These results are not typical. All investments carry risk and your results may vary.

Next Steps...

If you found value in what you have learned so far then I invite you to learn more inside of the MarketClub Options program.

MarketClub is stock trading software I use that tells me exactly when to buy and sell stocks, futures, Forex, and ETF's.

Early in 2009 I discovered a way to trade options using the MarketClub software.

In 6 months I managed to earn a $27,770 profit. I eventually made enough money to pay off the mortgage on a small rental home…

After final tweaking I shared this "Semi-Automation Blueprint" with my students and it largely remained a secret.

However, MarketClub heard about the success students were having with it and asked if they could host the training on their platform.

The co-founder of MarketClub (Adam Hewison) is a regular contributor on Bloomberg, Business News Network, CNBC, and Fox Business News. Thus, I was incredibly humbled by the opportunity to co-create a program with them.

It also said a lot about their sense of integrity because they were looking for someone with a teacher's heart, not a big name Guru who could sell a lot of courses.

The big name companies complicate the trading process because as long as you stay dazed and confused they can keep selling you "solutions".

When in reality, a good mentor should be able to help you accomplish in MONTHS what would normally take decades.

See, I've been ripped off by a few of the gurus with their false promises…and it doesn't feel good.

In fact, it made me feel like a sucker…just another innocent victim in their revolving door of nameless, faceless, inconsequential "marks" to be taken advantage of and swindled.

I looked to them for mentorship, but they were salesman disguised as traders. Frankly, I felt embarrassed and stupid.

I don't ever in a million years want YOU to feel that kind of humiliation. And that's why I proudly recommend the MarketClub Options program.

Full details are here:

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